ANGIK is the name, which stands for an Exclusive Designer Boutique. More elaborately it really follows the dictionary meaning of BOUTIQUE, which gives a sense of a Fashionable Specialty Centre.

ANGIK is a centre for preparing & selling various types of dress wear for both ladies and gents. Everything prepared in ANGIK is very exclusive in nature with no duplicate matching. 

‘Sarees’ are still a very attractive dress for Women in India and certain parts of South East Asia. ANGIK takes proper interest of this requirement.

Other dress for women includes Salwar pieces and Kurti (short t-shirt). ANGIK takes special care also in designing such items to suit individual taste & requirement as well as with exclusive design.

In men’s section, panjabi (kurta) & t-shirt with exclusive designs are contemplated.

The Owner of ANGIK has rich cultural background as reflected in her super unique designing taste. Her in-born artistic sense directed her to take up this BOUTIQUE professionally. However she still takes this as hobby to spread the Indian Culture to various parts of the country & overseas. Hence price of any selected item is highly competitive mostly on cost basis.





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